Thursday, May 29, 2008

Plants and your health...

It's getting to be the time of year when I like to start putting all of my plants outside on the balcony. Usually I also like to plant a couple of windowboxes full of petunias. Add a couple of tomato plants, and I am set for the summer. This year though, with my final defense set for July 1 (GASP!), I don't have time for any of this "enjoying the sun" nonsense. Instead I'm limited to reading here about plants that are good for your heath.

Who ever thought that my spider plant could be cancel out the effects of the formaldehyde potentially found in my clothes?

Or that a gerbera daisy could protect me from the benzene in inks?

Not sure about the accuracy of these statements (I'd love to know their sources), but it is cool to think that my overabundance of plants (more than 20 in 600 sq. feet) is good for something other than just improving my mood.